The highest form of knowledge is empathy, for it requires us to suspend our egos and live in another's world.

Guiding With Empathy

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Vintage Alternative is Indy’s leader in Montessori based homecare.We strive to offer quality companionship and premium services to help you live happy and thrive.

Caregiving with a Montessori Approach.

Caregiving for a loved one can be overwhelming, especially in today’s busy life. The role strain is not only on the caregiver, but can extend to the whole family.  Eventually, in the role of caregiving, it becomes quicker to run errands or do tasks for the loved one, rather than including them; by doing this it takes so much away from them. As Maria Montessori said “What you do for me, you take from me.” As a previous consumer of companion care services, the shortcomings in the industry became very apparent.

Montessori Lifestyle Plan

The Montessori Lifestyle Plan is designed to support Maria Montessori’s theories of “he who is served is limited in his independence.” Our goal is to provide a Montessori Lifestyle Plan, customized to each client’s  goals, likes, and abilities, providing them their best quality of life at their fullest potential.

For example, imagine a leisure trip to the grocery store. What do you smell, see, hear? Does it bring back memories of your favorite dishes and make you hungry?  Taking a client to the store allows them to select their own foods and they get to experience it, it is stimulating, it has purpose. Something so simple still has purpose.  

Professional and friendly staff

We strive to hire staff who value ethics, humanity, empathy and have compassion. Staff who have a passion about delivering the Montessori methods and lifestyle plan. As Maria Montessori said,  “Personal health is related to self-control and to the worship of life in all its natural beauty- self control bringing with it happiness, renewed youth and long life.”  Staff will be trained at orientation and ongoing. Managers will provide follow up with the clients and family utilizing quarterly satisfaction surveys. Managers will also follow up and check in with staff routinely for further education needs, understanding of the Montessori methods, and provide guidance where needed to maintain quality.

Staff will carry out the Montessori Lifestyle Plan, with empathy, compassion, valuing the client and promoting independence (according to abilities).  For example, a client with a dementia diagnosis generally struggles with confidence in their abilities; Montessori approach recognizes that everyone, no matter what age can still learn, even with a dementia diagnosis. Continued mental stimulation, education, and socialization enhances one’s quality of life.

Each client will get a customized Montessori Lifestyle Plan, to their specific likes, goals and abilities. The plan will be frequently reassessed and adapted to their needs and activities they enjoy.